A CLM that works across departments

How Anapact makes your job easier

Streamline Your Contract Workflow

  • Stay organized with all your contracts, documentation and signatures in one secure, centralized location – updated in real-time
  • Receive notifications and alerts on important dates, contract renewals and deadlines
  • Quickly search key contract details or specific clauses in your agreements
  • Finalize contracts securely on any device with our eSign feature

Minimize risk and ensure compliance

  • Reduce manual errors by automating contract distribution, edits and approvals
  • Easily modify workflows when laws or regulations change
  • Receive red flag notifications when clauses don’t meet compliance
  • Control who has access to what with drag-and-drop feature authorizing users

Work efficiently from a single source of truth

  • Keep contracts organized in a central, secure, easily accessible location
  • Scale your business effectively and confidently with seamless integrations
  • Stay up-to-date on status and progress of contracts in real-time
  • Collaborate easily and seamlessly without the version control headache
  • Reduce time spent searching for and updating documents


Back to the basics

Every successful company requires seamless operations. Anapact’s automated software provides documentation and organization that improves customer relations, enables fast scalability, and saves time and money.

Improved customer relations

Every successful company requires seamless operations. Anapact’s automated software provides documentation and organization that improves customer relations, enables fast scalability, and saves time and money.

Stay organized

With infinite demands and fast-approaching deadlines, it’s essential to keep your operations organized. Anapact makes this easy, providing consistent notifications and alerts, automated eSign, and all your documentation in one secure location.

Increase your ROI

With Anapact, you’ll continually see a return on your investment. Our notification system makes it easy to alert users to important dates, such as contract renewals and deadlines, while avoiding fees and penalties.

Human Resources

Streamline the hiring & compliance process

Hiring people and ensuring compliance can be a time consuming task. Anapact allows you to centralize, maintain and track all hiring documentation and activity while keeping sensitive information in a secure location – all without the additional cost of hiring more compliance employees.

Easy and effortless signing capabilities

Our eSign function ensures a seamless experience for candidates and your hiring department, making it easy to finalize contracts securely on any device, with no need for a separate eSignature tool.

Maintain integrity, security, and privacy

Recognizing that security and privacy is of critical importance, Anapact takes great pride in ensuring that you can send offer letters, sensitive NDAs, private contracts, and other onboarding forms to new hires securely from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Notifications and alerts

Our notification and alert system eliminates worry and streamlines success by keeping you up-to-date on the status and progress of each document.


Track potential financial risks

Anapact’s platform enables you to effortlessly categorize, assess and prioritize contracts that have tangible effects on your department’s bottom line.

Our platform contains a contract management solution to alert you before an opportunity, helping maximize contract value or eliminate unnecessary spending passes. Anapact helps your business reach a higher ROI by keeping track of billing, auto-renewal dates, and contractual obligations that might need your attention.

Keep up with compliance

With forever changing compliance laws and regulations, Anapact helps your business remain agile and adaptive. Our platform allows workflows to be easily modified whenever laws or regulations change, helping ensure compliance and protect you and your business from risk. Our platform also monitors agreements, providing red flag notifications when documents or clauses do not meet compliance.

Anapact is designed to meet the demands of the world’s largest and most security-conscious organizations and documentation, auditing, and sensitive financial information. In other words, you can rest assured that your financial documentation and contracts are safe with us.

Receive notifications and alerts

Anapact uses smart tagging notification and alerts to enable you to easily monitor your financial contracts, helping you stay on top of billing expectations, contract obligations, and special terms and conditions.

Identify financial opportunities

Anapact’s automated system creates new strategies for cost saving advantages and transparent reporting, offering insight into spending and making it easy to understand revenue impacts and increasing ROI.

Our simple-to-use search features let you find specific clauses and keywords in your agreements, within seconds. And “Snippet View” shows you where those terms appear across multiple documents, making it easy to find opportunities for renegotiation.


Expedite contracts

If contract volumes are growing faster than legal headcount, it’s time to automate. Anapact’s unique in-browser editor allows you to approve and edit contracts in your browser or offline in MS Word while maintaining seamless version control.

Enhance contract workflow

Anapact empowers your legal team to keep control of a contract workflow they define. Our no-code workflow builder can be set up with drag-and-drop, giving secure access and editing rights to business teams.

Unlike other contract management platforms that are designed for handling offline files, Anapact’s smart repository allows legal teams instant access to contract data, thanks to a flexible data layer underpinning pre- and post-signature workflow.

Capture valuable data

Our software captures valuable data throughout the contract lifecycle, enabling legal teams to capitalize on insights through a comprehensive analytics stack. With Anapact, you can set custom renewal reminders and export data with the click of a button, keeping legal documentation stored away in an easily accessible location.


Import sales data with ease

Capturing data is an essential part of the sales process. Anapact uses a flexible editor, allowing you to generate contracts from within your CRM for your changing needs. By automating the contract process, sales teams can put their focus on what matters most – selling.

Collaborate on documents

Our software allows you to collaborate with your team on important contracts and skip the version control headache. Easier collaboration means reduced turnaround times and happier clients.

Maximize potential with real time analytics

Anapact uses real-time contract analytics, helping you keep pace with changes and spot any delays that slow down your sales process. By pinpointing hold ups, you can proactively close deals faster – ultimately generating more revenue.


Integrate NetSuite cloud technology

Incorporating the innovation of NetSuite is what gives us an edge over our competitors. Given the importance of adapting to ever-changing technologies, Anapact’s platform was designed to evolve with technology, ensuring that you don’t miss a beat or fall behind the curve.

Easy and effortless signing capabilities

When you’re working with IT, communication is key. Utilizing multiple tools outside of a platform hampers communication with clients and makes it difficult to manage workload and keep up with technological advancements. Anapact’s eSign function ensures seamless and effortless communication with IT, making it easy to sign securely on any device, with no need for a separate eSignature tool.

Clause storage for high technology

Anapact’s software was designed to meet the demands of the world’s largest and most security-conscious organizations and documentation, AI technology, high capacity for advancements and anything confidential. We meet all compliance standards through clause storage, which helps store information under one roof.

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