Work smarter and faster with an expedited contract process

Save time through automation

Legal teams spend a significant amount of time sifting through paperwork and documents. Automated software can cut back on the amount of time spent doing these routine administrative tasks, freeing professionals to focus on more important client work.

Anapact’s software empowers legal teams to take control of contract workflows. Our no-code workflow builder can be easily set up giving secure access and editing rights to authorized users. Our smart repository allows legal teams instant access to contract data, thanks to a flexible data layer underpinning pre- and post-signature workflow.

Reduce risk and ensure compliance

Mitigating risk and ensuring compliance is of the utmost importance for legal teams. Management software not only helps assess inherent risks, but provides easy access to specific clauses and details.

Anapact’s platform uses smart tagging to enable teams to easily monitor contracts, find key clauses, stay on top of important obligations and review special terms and conditions.

Gain valuable insight

Contract software makes it easy for teams to track and monitor key data sets with email alerts and calendar reminders.

Anapact’s software captures valuable data throughout the contract lifecycle, enabling legal teams to capitalize on insights through a comprehensive analytics stack. With Anapact, you can set custom renewal reminders and export data with the click of a button, keeping legal documentation stored away in an easily accessible location.


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