Essential contract management features that SMEs require

We’ve created an intuitive CLM that gets the job done for your business

Our features

Smart Tagging

Anapact’s easy-to-use platform allows clients to tag as they go, enabling both parties to be involved with the contract process as it unfolds. It also allows you to view your contract lifestyle and make any necessary changes.

Simply put, our smart tagging feature allows for end-to-end management of all activities related to the creation, execution and management of contracts.

Integration with Existing Tools

We keep it simple by enabling an API integration of various platforms and tools, such as NetSuite & SalesForce. There’s no need to start from scratch – you can keep everything in one place and don’t have to get accustomed to new tools.

Poor contract management costs companies up to 9% of their revenue.

See how Anapact can boost your bottom line.

Streamline Workflow

Anapact’s platform integration, smart-tagging features, and robust technology allow clients to streamline their workflows and keep on top of everything. You can easily monitor and manage the status of each contract as it moves through the lifecycle pipeline.


Anapact’s simple eSignature tool eliminates any delay from waiting on either party to sign the contract, enabling us to work with clients all over the world.

Contract Templates

We offer dozens of intuitive, simple and easy to understand contract templates, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Unified File Cabinet

Anapact keeps all documentation, signatures, and necessities under one umbrella to manage your contracts and keep them compliant and secure. Our unified file cabinet is our way of keeping workflows consistent and allowing everything to be stored in one place for easy access.

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