Effectively process, manage and secure student data

Increase security and ensure compliance

When it comes to managing student information and documentation, security and compliance are key. Automated software can safeguard documents, helping higher education institutions maintain a compliant document storage process that protects against potential breaches.

Anapact’s unified cabinet helps implement safe security features that allow various stakeholders to access what they need, while also restricting who can edit, view, or locate a specific contract.

Keep up with changing documentation

Information on students, staff or vendors frequently change or need to be updated. Contract management software can solve the problem of trying to keep track of different version updates.

Anapact’s software provides an institution-wide view of the vendors used across departments, any associated pricing, and the contractual obligations of each agreement.

Our smart-tagging and eSignature are beneficial for school leaders who require high-level visibility into operations. Similarly, Anapact’s platform enables users to quickly locate an agreement’s status within the contract lifecycle.

Improve profitability

Poor management can cost your institution money. Contract software makes it easy to track key dates with email alerts, in-platform notifications, and calendar reminders.

Anapact’s smart-tagging feature enables institutions to keep pace with student status, auto renewals, expiration dates, or donors and billing – key metrics that require ongoing tracking and management.


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