Can Anyone Draft A Contract?

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Contracts are often legally binding agreements that ensure all the parties involved fulfill their part, so it’s common for professionals to exchange contracts filled with legalese and other defensible content. 

That’s why established businesses often hire a qualified lawyer to draft their contracts, but what about start-up owners, aspiring moguls, or budding entrepreneurs who don’t have the budget yet to seek legal assistance? 

Is It Possible to Write a Valid Contract DIY-Style? 

Writing your own contract seems like a daunting task, but it’s possible to do it without ending up in court. All you need is to ensure the contract has all the elements that make it valid and legally binding such as a valuable offer, a valuable exchange, and both sides agreeing to enter the arrangement. 

So the better question is: can anyone make a good and defensible contract without legal help? That’s a completely different ballgame since drafting a legally sound contract in every aspect can be tricky to do, so you may be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t have a lawyer to review and edit your contract. 

Why It’s Better to Hire a Lawyer Draft Your Contract 

  1. Lawyers can help you understand the terms and conditions of the contract, which means they can give deeper insights and refine the structure of your deal. Their expertise and up-to-date knowledge also give you an advantage since they can iron out any potential problems in your deal.
  2. Lawyers not only help you draft a well-written contract, but they also ensure that the arrangements won’t turn into a possible liability for your business in the future. Keep in mind that something as simple as misplacing a comma can alter the entire clause of your statement, so a lawyer is there to ensure your deal will not harm your interests or legal rights down the line.
  3. Lawyers ensure your contracts are legally enforceable. Remember — when it comes to writing contracts, good enough is not enough. Everything needs to be precise and perfect, or else you won’t have any form of protection when the arrangement goes south. With that in mind, your lawyer provides predictability and peace of mind when drafting a contract.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Write Contracts on a Whim, Hire the Suitable Contract Solutions For You

No law requires a lawyer to write every contract, especially if the nature of the work is geared towards casual workers. Nonetheless, it’s always better and safer to have a lawyer guide you through the ropes since writing a contract on your own without any legal background is like rolling a dice — it’s a gamble that can do more harm than good if you’re not confident that your contract is free from any form of mistakes. 

But for professionals who are strapped for cash, the good news is there’s an equally effective and secure alternative to drafting contracts without the need to outsource a lawyer. There are affordable services that help businesses and freelancers alike draft a dynamic and enforceable contract using an automated system such as Anapact!

Are You Looking for the Best Contract Management Software for Small Businesses? 

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