Removing the Hassle Out of Document Assembly

Issues with documents are giving companies and organizations a little over 20 percent of staff productivity. That’s according to findings by the International Data Corporation (IDC), at least. Industries are always full of competitive people. Of course, who doesn’t want to be nothing less than the best? Being at the top is also more likely […]

The Impact of Contract Automation in the Business World

Automation anxiety has been around since the industrial revolution. It is the fear that human labor will be rendered obsolete by machines. Technophobes paint technology and automation as a villain to be reviled. However, technology is, above all things, a tool. Much like a hammer, it can be used to destroy or create, depending on […]

5 Main Reasons To Automate Document-Based Processes

Digital transformation requires businesses to use technology that disrupts the status quo and develops delivery and business models that were impossible even a decade ago. Digital is the face of the new era. It’s fast, it’s vast, and you’ll have plenty to lose if you don’t keep up. It’s much more daunting when you’re still […]

How Contract Automation Can Be the Key to Further Business Growth

Businesses are taking strides in virtual operations ever since the pandemic began. Workers had been forced to do their work online, but that has also shown great benefits; employees are able to be much more productive by focusing on work and communicating online only when needed.  This movement has begun to highlight other ways of […]

3 Steps to Implement Contract Approval Workflows For Everyone in Your Business

Just because you run a small business does not make your contract management process any less complex – that’s why you need contract approval workflows that your team can get behind. Find out what happens when you don’t have a workflow. Follow these steps to set one up at your company. Contract Management Involves a […]

5 Ways Contract Automation Can Increase Your Revenue

Contracts are the bedrock of your business relationships. A lot of businesses focus on the cost of bad contract management but the flipside is that good contract management can not only save you from default but in fact can make you money. In this blog, I will cover five ways contract automation works for your […]

How to Build Better Contract Management Workflows

You’re not in business because you like signing contracts, you’re in business because you’re the best at what you do. If you’re like many small companies, you’re spending time and money trying to mitigate the risk of bad contracts. But there’s a better way to protect yourself. I have compiled some tips on how to […]